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At Hebany, our success story is woven with the threads of expertise and leadership. Guided by our visionary heads, Ms. Mabel Hoyos – the Global Head, and Mr. Alfredo Villalobos – the driving force behind Hebany’s operations in USA, Hebany has emerged as a trusted name in international commerce.

Ms. Mabel Hoyos

As the esteemed Global Director of Hebany Holding, Ms. Mabel Hoyos brings a wealth of experience in international trade to the organization. Her exceptional track record and profound understanding of global markets are invaluable assets. Ms. Hoyos’ strategic vision, coupled with her unwavering commitment to excellence and business integrity, have been instrumental in establishing Hebany as a leading and continuously evolving company.

From the vibrant heart of America, and specifically from the esteemed capital of LIBERTY, we witness a harmonious collaboration among diverse communities within the dynamic free market. Our import company not only thrives in this multicultural environment but also offers commercial and investment consulting services. This initiative significantly contributes to the growth and success of other entrepreneurs, leading to remarkable outcomes.

Ms. Hoyos, with her continuous aspiration to stay at the forefront of innovation, consistently embraces advancements in new technologies, artificial intelligence, and novel materials, ensuring Hebany Holding remains at the forefront of industry evolution.

Luis Pazmiño

Luis Pazmino, from New York with more than 15 years of experience in the field, has developed different prediction, portfolio creation and optimization models for the University of Connecticut USA program, with which he has demonstrated exceptional skills in financial management and the application of predictive data science and artificial intelligence to improve financial processes and decision making.

Luis has degrees in Financial Engineering and a Business Economist degree awarded by the UEES, Ecuador, as well as a Master’s Degree in Financial Management from the Erasmus University in the Netherlands, an MBA from IE University, Spain. Master’s degree in Political Marketing awarded by the University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain. Master’s Degree in Financial Technology awarded by the University of Connecticut USA, (Honor Award and Stamford Campus Award). His educational background has provided him with a solid foundation to understand financial principles, as well as the ability to analyze and improve trading systems.

Francisco Bentacourt

Francisco Betancourt, has resided in New York since 2016, graduated from Magna Cum Laude GPA 3.86. He also resided in Hong Kong, HK and in 2014 | Paris, France
Professional related to art investments To The Gallery Time Management Curious, Detail Oriented Collaboration Team Work, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving.

Ms. Merlyn Mantilla

Ms. Merlyn Mantilla, currently resides in Chicago. She studied Finance and Business Management at the University of A Coruna (Spain), and studied an MBA in retail management at Swiss Business School in Pune, India. Marlyn speaks Spanish, English, Italian and French. She has extensive experience, at Hebany she was a collaborator on projects in Dubai, and since 2023 she is responsible for public relations for Hebany USA from Chicago.

Ms. Christelle Martinez

Miss Christelle Martinez Madera, born in Mexico, studied Bachelor of International Business, at the University of Monterrey Master in Public Image, Diploma in PR, social media and War-room, and. She also has a diploma in Government Marketing (ITAM) USA.
political and Corporate Brand Image Consultant. she has work experience especially in consulting in UAE, Canada, Mexico and the USA.


Augusto Jimenez has a Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance from Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, as well as a degree in Economics with additional studies in different areas such as International Relations and Modern History. He has been living in the UAE for more than a decade getting familiarized with the business environment, international affairs and diplomatic environment in the region. He is a professional experienced in establishing business relationships, capable to orchestrate and create alliances with strategic organization leaders in affiliating with business initiatives.
Collaborating as Advisor for the Caribbean region in Hebany UAE to facilitate business interaction.



Gabriella Gonzalez has been living in Miami since 2018. Gabriella studied Bachelors & Masters of science in International Hospitality Management. She works as a freelance consultant, specializing in business relations in the real estate and technology sectors. She is part of the Hebany US team for the Florida area. Gabriella is an entrepreneurial, enthusiastic person with a great work capacity.



Mrs. Jennifer Arkhurst, a UK Solicitor and Notary, is the owner of Arkhurst & Abdellah offers.With a Master of Laws degree in international business law from the University of Birmingham, UK, she provides legal advice and legalization and has been collaborating with the Hebany Group since 2022.




Driving the value of exports

SMEs are the mainstay of most economies. They represent 90% of businesses worldwide and in emerging economies, they represent seven out of every ten jobs. But to survive and thrive, SMEs must build resilience and grow their customer base by diversifying their target markets through exports. This is no easy task, as SMEs are constrained by limited human and financial resources, and many are inexperienced selling internationally. That’s where Trade Promotion Agencies come in.

International market entry consulting

HEBANY provides Trade Promotion Agencies with a full suite of trade support services from strategy to representation, capacity building to market development for SMEs.

We provide international lead generation and support new market entry, helping companies prepare for international business, so they win more profitable customers in the most sustainable markets.

Global trade has an impact on our planet and that’s why we’re rejecting speculative travel and instead, embracing digital platforms. In doing so, we’re reducing the carbon footprint as well as generating greater ROI for our clients.

Supporting female-led businesses

We’re championing female-led businesses and entrepreneurs. Under-represented and in many cases under-supported, female-led businesses are vital to the long-term growth of our economies. HEBANY is actively engaged in women-in-business networks, delivering pioneering projects from Tunisia to Jordan and is committed to supporting female-led businesses achieve their export potential.

In-market Trade Representation
Market Research
Go-to-market strategy
Distributor search
Business Matchmaking
Trade missions and events

Our experience team in USA could provide you consultancy services for many deals.

Events investment Exclusive, private, by invitation only. Meet serious decision makers looking to build connections and strike deals. Investments meetings will be in prestigious conference room in Hotel.

* Food Agroindustry

* Precious Metals And Rare Metals

* civil infraestructures

* Immigrations GOLDEN VISA

* Green Energy

*Bio Medical Technology




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Strategic Expansion Partners

Join hands with Hebany, where success stories of helping foreign companies expand in USA are written every day.

Blockchain Designers

Our consulting services cover the spectrum, from meticulous market research to legal support and strategic planning.

Intelligent Marketing - AI

Hebany’s advanced AI and data analytics can revolutionize intelligent marketing. By analyzing consumer data, it enables personalized campaigns, predicts trends, and offers efficient customer interactions.




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